About me

I'm a coder from the Northwest of England, near Manchester.

If you're in a technology centre such as Silicon Valley, New York or London, this means you can get great skills at an affordable price.

With over 10 years of professional experience (and double that in total), I have exposure to numerous languages, technologies and methodologies.

If you're embarking on a new project you want to reduce the unknowns. I can help reduce risk by applying that experience to your project.

I have worked remotely for a number of companies in the USA and elsewhere in the world.

If skills are your priority and location isn't, I can work with your team using voice, message and video. Travel is also not a problem.

What I do

I have worked in research, more recently in the big data field, with experience of large scale data processing, storage and analytics.

If you want to collect large volumes of data in a meaningful way and want to get something out the other end, I can add the science to your data.

I started my career writing demo applications, something that has continued to include minimum viable products and prototypes more recently, particularly web apps.

If you're looking for an MVP, app concept or prototype, I can rapidly develop a good looking application for the desktop, web or mobile.

I have a number of years experience developing performance and thread critical server software.

If performance is a priority, I can architect and develop scalable and performant software.

How I do it

My philosophy for software engineering is two fold: fast and right.

If your project is needed fast and of high quality, that's what I deliver.

In recent years exceptional packages such as Hadoop, Solr and Redis have eased building big data solutions.

If you want to take advantage of big data and data analytics but don't know where to start I can build a system that is meaningful and value-driven.

I am a firm believer in using the right tool for the right job, hence my experience is varied.

If you need a screwdriver, I won't try to sell you a hammer. Even if you think you need a hammer.

Contact me

I'm always excited to discuss new projects. You can email me here:


If you would prefer to discuss your project via voice or video I can manage office hours calls for most locations in the world. Email for arrangements.

You're welcome to check out my credentials on LinkedIn:


References can be provided on request.